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Terres de l’Ebre Biosphere Reserve

A valuable space to enjoy and protect

In May 2013, the Terres de l’Ebre were declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, due to its rich landscape, its Mediterranean ecosystems and its biodiversity conservation model.

A biosphere reserve is a delimited and internationally recognized place where sustainable development is valued, which implies that there must be a conciliation between the environment (natural, cultural and social) and economic and social development. With the main function of reducing the loss of biodiversity.

The biosphere reserve areas are made up of terrestrial and coastal ecosystems, and are a way of measuring the integration between land, water and biodiversity. Therefore, the integration between conservation of biodiversity, non-destructive research and the development of cultural, economic and social values is sought.

In order for an area to be declared a Biosphere Reserve, it must meet a set of requirements:

  • It must contain distinct and perfectly protected areas for the conservation of biological biodiversity where supervision and research will be carried out
  • You must have mixed areas, for ecotourism, recreation, education and research activities
  • You must have areas of cooperation in which human activity must manage resources in a sustainable way

Through the research in these areas, the impact of the human being on nature can be measured, and conservation and sustainable development methods can be projected.

Map of the Biosphere Reserve of Terres de l’Ebre

Image from www.elperiodico.com

The Biosphere Reserve of the Terres de l’Ebre, with the basin of the Ebro river and Delta, occupies a total of 367,729 hectares of land, which contain mountains, forests, urban systems, wetlands, rivers, islands, and coastal and marine areas. It is excluded from the reserve, the area of ​​influence of the Ascó nuclear power station.

In the part that affects us to Ports Experience, we have as a priority the putting in value of the natural, cultural and social environment in the creation of our packages and that have resulted in a marked ecotourism.

Our experiences are a way of enjoying a holidays and escapades in a special environment, which we have to take care of and value among all.

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