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Booted eagle live

Els Ports Natural Park follows a booted eagle nest with a webcam. Ports Experience sustainable ecotourism travel agencyForest Bathing, getaways and trips in Terres de l’Ebre in the south of Catalonia      14

Forest Bathing

With Forest Bathing, we visit natural areas of great environmental quality to be in contact with the flying particles of its trees and plants, capable of strengthening our innate immunity for battling all kinds of illnesses. Along with other physiological, psychological and emotional effects, the main benefit is a stronger natural immunity.

Sustainable Ecotourism

Another way of tourism We could say that ecotourism is another form of tourism with a marked ethical character that affects people and the environment in general. It is a way of doing tourism in a responsible way that prioritizes sustainability, preservation and the value of the environment (cultural, natural and social). These premises are […]

Terres de l’Ebre Biosphere Reserve

A valuable space to enjoy and protect In May 2013, the Terres de l’Ebre were declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, due to its rich landscape, its Mediterranean ecosystems and its biodiversity conservation model. A biosphere reserve is a delimited and internationally recognized place where sustainable development is valued, which implies that there must be […]

Els Ports Natural Park

“Els Ports” https://youtu.be/v-V8hosG7ls The natural park protects the Catalan part of the massif of Els Ports, this mountain range is the last part of the Iberian system. It joins three autonomous communities: Catalonia, Valencian Community and Aragon. This nature reserve is incorporated in the Terres de l’Ebre Biosphere Reserve and in a part of Europe’s […]

Ports Experience in Cataluña Radio

Ports Experience sustainable ecotourism travel agencyForest Bathing, getaways and trips in Terres de l’Ebre in the south of Catalonia      0


Hire travel and accident assistance insurance with extensive coverage and total ease Insurance for multiactivities with basic coverage for areas with heights of up to 3000 meters and extended coverages for heights of up to 5000 meters. Also with assistance included so that you are covered from the first day of departure until the last […]

Feel Transformed

Previous Next ADVENTURE HIKING DESCRIPTION Program ACCOMODATION Prices Calendar Booking Print Reviews DESCRIPTION HIKING BY THE MOUNTAINS AND THE SEASIDE Four hiking days in four completely different habitats inside the very same territory! Routes that go from sea level to the highest peak of the province of Tarragona. Hiking by the mountains and the seaside. […]

Feel Activated

Previous Next MULTIADVENTURE DESCRIPTION Program ACCOMODATION PRICES CALENDAR BOOKING Print Reviews DESCRIPTION MULTIADVENTURE IN A NATURAL PARADISE Multiadventure in “Els Ports”, mountainous area between the Terol, Castellon and Tarragona provinces. Our base is located in Valderrobres, where the valley and the mountain come together in a natural paradise for you to discover. The scenery and […]

Feel Reconnected

Previous Next ADVENTURE NATURE Description Program ACCOMODATION Prices Calendar Booking Print Description AN EXPERIENCE OF NATURAL CONNECTION: Forest Bathing, Snorkel and Birdwatching on a kayak A complete immersion in the natural environment. Birdwatching on a kayak down the Ebro river; Forest Bathing (Shinrin Yoku) in the Natural Park of “Els Ports” and Snorkel in the […]

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