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As we have seen for ourselves, going for a walk in the deep of nature provides us with a significant number of benefits for our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

On top of that, if while hiking we add contemplating and admiring nature in a sensible way together with expressing our feelings, we will reach a pleasant experience of recovery and transformation.

Usually it is said “I’m leaving to get away from…”, and it’s not so useful for changing our daily routine. In a few days we lose that supposed “peace” we reached while being away and daily worries come back, providing a state of depression after our vacations, or at least, leaving behind a trace of “defeat”. Again, symptoms were treated instead of causes.

With our motto Travel to Connect, we seek to treat the cause of our general unrest or the overload of our daily stress.

It’s not a matter of going away from our problems for a few days, it’s a matter of recharging oneself from the inside to face any kind of situation we might find going back, be it work, social or family life.

These experiences in nature need to help us charge our conscience and energy back up to face all those situations, or at least, for them to not affect us in our day to day.

We gathered our experiences in two big groups:

  • Forest Bathing with the Triskelion symbol
  • Ecotourism with the Spiral symbol
Banys de Bosc

"It is the most well-known sacred Celtic symbol, of very important healing and magical ability. Depicts the balance between body, mind and soul. Symbolizes perpetual learning and eternal evolution of the universe and every being"


“It is the oldest symbol of the Celtic culture. Symbolizes the concepts of growth, life force and eternal life. It doesn’t have a beginning nor end, portraying the beginning of a new cycle when another ends.”


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