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We are in the town of Arnes, which is located at the foot of the mountains of the Els Ports Natural Park, just 5 minutes from a wild and charming landscape that has fallen in love with thousands of people who have visited it.

We are a travel agency, in addition to being an active tourism company, and we are made up of a human team that works to ensure that you enjoy your free time, making the most of the activity and trip proposals that we offer.

We have been offering mountain guides for 12 years, climbing, hiking, canyoning… We seek adventure from Els Ports to any corner that connects us with nature, as well as the Sierra de Guara, Pyrenees…

Now we want to share all this experience and adventure with all of you, we are waiting for you!

Our location in the town of Arnes (Terra Alta)
Situació Terres Ebre i Els Ports
Location “Terres de l’Ebre” and “Els Ports”

Most of our experiences are developed in the Tierras del Ebro, in the south of Catalonia, at the confluence of Tarragona, Castellón and Teruel. It is formed by the regions of Montsià, Baix Ebre, Terra Alta and Ribera d’Ebre.

They were declared a Biosphere Reserve in 2013 by UNESCO thanks to its landscape richness, the representativeness of its Mediterranean ecosystems and its model of biodiversity conservation. Currently, Spain is the first country in the world with more biosphere reserves.

The Biosphere Reserves are territories that have the objective of harmonizing the conservation of biological and cultural diversity and economic and social development through the relationship of people with nature.

In this extension there are 2 natural parks, several protected areas of great natural relevance, a navigable river and a greenway.

"Els Ports" Natural Park

A 35.050 hectare surface of Natural Park, the regions of Terra Alta, Baix Ebre and Montsià comprise it. With 28% of its surface surpassing the 1.000 meters of altitude, “Caro” is its highest peak at 1.441 meters. Of great geologic, fauna and flora values

Parc Natural del Delta de l'Ebre

"Delta de l’Ebre" Natural Park

A 7.736 hectare surface, the biggest humid area of Catalonia and one of the most important aquatic habitats in the western Mediterranean. With the Montsià and Baix Ebre comprising it, has a great diversity of environments: the river, the sea, beaches, salt marshes, dunes, riverbank forests, etc. Regarding its fauna, birds are its most precious value with a wide diversity of about 300 species that add up between 50 and 100 thousand specimens

Serra del Montsià

Montsià Mountain Range

A Natural area that’s very close to the coast with 3.500 hectares of surface. In the Montsià region, a mountain range with the “Torreta” as its highest peak at 764 meters. Included in the Areas of Natural Interest Plan of Catalonia (PEIN in Catalan). The Mediterranean forest and crop fields together form a habitat for several animal species, including aquatic habitats where we can find amphibians and invertebrates

Massís de Cardó

Cardó Massif

A massif formed by the mountain ranges of Cardó and Boix, with a 8.874 hectare surface. In the regions of Ribera d’Ebre and Baix Ebre. With the “Creu de Santos” as its highest peak at 941 meters. Vall de Cardó is one of its most important areas, with a landscape of great beauty and a historic and cultural heritage of great value. Included in the Areas of Natural Interest Plan of Catalonia (PEIN in Catalan). Of great fauna and flora diversity

Sebes Reserve and Flix Meander

Wetlands at the edge of the Ebro along its course through Flix, in the region of Ribera d’Ebre, with a 204 hectare surface. Also included in the Areas of Natural Interest Plan of Catalonia (PEIN). Of great fauna and flora diversity

Scenic Route

Road that traverses the old Val de Zafan railroad, was intended to connect Puebla de Híjar (Aragon) with Tortosa, permanently closed in 1973. Nowadays, you can hike along its 150km from Alcanyís until the Ebro river mouth (Deltebre), with a maximum slope of 600 meters. You can travel along by foot, horse or bicycle

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