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Forest Bathing




With Forest Bathing, we visit natural areas of great environmental quality to be in contact with the flying particles of its trees and plants, capable of strengthening our innate immunity for battling all kinds of illnesses. Along with other physiological, psychological and emotional effects, the main benefit is a stronger natural immunity.

These areas are ideal for strengthening our organism, fighting tiredness, stress, mental fatigue, depression and anxiety, irritation, migraines and insomnia.

With forest bathing, we produce a higher stimuli for our parasympathetic nervous system that results in relaxation and the slowing of the sympathetic nervous system.

Not only forests are constantly producing oxygen, essential element for life, but the air is also full of oxygen ions with negative electric charge.

We make use of Forest Bathing for you to live an experience of deep and renovating connection, we also intend to raise awareness for the necessity to protect old forests and their environment. Life in this planet relies on the continuity of these sanctuaries of nature.

With Ports Experience and our trips of Forest Bathing, you will visit natural spaces to obtain these benefits and you will discover our territory and our gastronomy.



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